Before we go any further, we at Platinum Services Inc. would like to offer our appreciation to every member of our American armed forces for their service to our country. You are what keeps us proud and free, and we cannot thank you enough, or often enough.

That said, we know that military moves can be difficult. Often, you are called up and asked to move your family at virtually no notice. A short-notice move is hard enough on a single service person, and that much harder when their family is involved.

Frequently, the military will appoint a contractor to move you. Other times, you will be left to your own devices, and when that happens, Platinum Services Inc. can help you with your military move. We will walk you through all the required procedures, and get you, your family, and your belongings to your new location.


The PPMP (Personally Procured Move Program), formerly known as the DITY (Do It Yourself) move is an alternative that allows you to move your personal property using your own vehicle, rental equipment, or a commercial carrier that you hire to move your household goods. Or, as the military, with its love of acronyms likes to call them, HHG.

Under this program, you can be reimbursed for 100% of the cost if you hire your own carrier, or 95% if you choose to move your goods yourself. A self-move can be good if you don’t own much, and you are moving within the United States. The military may also provide you with funds in advance to defray your expenses if you are handling the move on your own. The military will tell you how much, in terms of weight, they will allow you to move. You may have to cover the cost of moving belongings over the approved weight.

At Platinum Services, we recommend getting a specific weight amount from your base’s personal property office so that you will know exactly how much weight the military will allow you to move before you end up having to pay. If you do not get approval, they could end up denying your claim after your move.

Further, although we will be happy to help you with your move, we do not recommend using PPMP for overseas moves. This is simply because it is almost impossible for you to move your property overseas on your own compared with what the government will pay a contractor.

As a further note, PPMP is voluntary. You can choose PPMP, a government move, or a combination depending on what is approved by the military.

If You Do Choose PPMP

If you do decide to go with PPMP, you can rent a vehicle and hire personnel to move your belongings. You can work with a commercial carrier or a contractor, or you can handle the move largely on your own, packing, loading and transporting your goods in whatever manner you see fit.

Keep in mind, too, that if you do go with a PPMP move, the government will not cover you if your belongings are lost or damaged. Since you will be fully responsible for packing and transporting, even if you use a contracted carrier, the government will assume that those damages are due to improper handling or packing on your part or on that of your contractor.

So, if you are going with a PPMP move, make sure that you ensure your belongings and your rental equipment. And make sure that you are properly insured in case you or your carrier should happen to be involved in an accident along the way.

Choose Platinum Services

At Platinum Services, we can handle your military move, and our insurance will cover you. We can also arrange for storage services at your origin or destination. What this means is that you can handle your military move without having to worry about liability during pickup, transit, or at point of delivery. You are covered by our insurance.

At Platinum Services, we take great pride in assisting military personnel with their moves, and covering them with our insurance. We offer you the convenience of a point-to-point move by containerizing your shipment in wooden household crates at residence, then delivering and redelivering at your new location in the same containers that they were originally loaded in to, which insures less handling of your items, and lessens the potential of damaged items. Which providing all the safety and security you need in transporting your personal belongings from your point of origin to the place where you need to be. When you consider the services our military personnel provides for us to keep us safe, we consider it to be the very least we can do.

Contact Us

To arrange a military move, contact Platinum Services at 410-631-9701. We look forward to assisting you. And again, thank you for your service.
We support the Wounded Warriors Program, and all military moves receive a 10% discount.

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