Are you planning a “Do It Yourself” move? If this is something that you have done before, then you know what you are getting into and you know the type of assistance you are looking for. If this is your first attempt at a do-it-yourself move, then we can help you navigate some of the perils and pitfalls so that your move goes smoothly.

Planning Your Move

You know that you have to get your family and your belongings from Point A to Point B, and whether your move is across town or across the nation, that takes planning. You don’t usually have the luxury of doing it a bit at a time, and that means that you have to plan for a day or two at least to get everything together, get your belongings packed up in some semblance of order, and then get them to where they need to be.

At Platinum Services, we know what it takes to create a stress-free move for you and your family, so let’s talk about some of the things you need to consider, and how we can help.


Platinum Services can provide some or all the materials needed for you to do your own packing, but the easier way is just to call us at Platinum Services. We will bring the boxes and the packing materials, and help you get everything properly packed. We’ll help you label the boxes, too, so that when you get to your destination you’ll know exactly which box belongs to which room.


Even if you have taken the moving process a bit further, and have all your boxes nicely packed and labeled, you still have to think about loading your moving vehicle. And it’s not just boxes full of household goods, of course – you are going to be moving furniture, and some of it might be very heavy. Do you really want to have to load your grandmother’s antique china cabinet onto the moving truck or trailer? How about your weight lifting equipment? Your refrigerator? Probably the best case scenario is that you wind up exhausted at the end of the day. The worst case scenario is that you drop and break something you value, or you hurt yourself trying to move something that you really shouldn’t be trying to handle.

At Platinum Services, we handle the heavy lifting for you. We will provide the manual labor to get everything from your house onto the truck or trailer. Our professional laborers also know how to maximize space and make unloading easy once you get to your destination.

The loading is actually the most difficult part of a “Do It Yourself” move, and that’s where it’s so important to have professional help to make sure that items are loaded properly so that they are not damaged in transit. Much of the time, you can get by with a smaller truck or trailer, provided that you have people on your side who know how to load properly.


Often, manual labor when it comes to a move is made considerably easier when you have the right equipment. Most people don’t have things like dollies, hand carts and moving straps, and certainly you are not going to want to purchase them for the sake of one move.

We will arrive at your home or office with dollies, hand trucks, and all the tools that are needed to load or disassemble heavy items. You can just sit back, perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee, and marvel at how easy moving is when the right tools are on-site.

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